Local cable advertising has become affordable enough for every business and any budget and is still the best way to reach your target audience & clientele. Time and time again television advertising proves to be essential for building brand recognition within the marketplace and catapulting businesses to the next level.

Is it expensive? No, not anymore. In many cases we find that producing and airing television commercials cost less than many direct mail campaigns and 30 second spots on major cable networks start under $10, based on region.

We write, produce, edit, and coordinate commercial spots now airing on Comcast® Cable locally in your area. Get exposure for your business during your favorite cable television shows. We handle the whole production process and our company Comcast® rep handles markets and demographics to help you pick your times and networks.

We have a Mobile Onsite Production Team with every piece of equipment needed to showcase your business, its products, your professional staff, and its promotions. In 30 days from today your commercial could be airing on Television.

We have hundreds of examples, these are just a few. Many more are available for viewing in our studio.
Please feel free to make appointment to meet the team, discuss your project, and join us for coffee.

Some Sample Projects


  • Professionally Written Scripts
  • Professional Onsite HD Footage
  • Professional Lighting
  • Voice Over Talent & Narration
  • Compliant Music and Audio Tracks
  • Professional Editing & Effects
  • Models & Actors
  • Motion Graphics & Custom Images
  • Dolly’s and Moving Shots
  • Cranes & Aerial Shots
  • Product Shots & Demonstrations
  • Manufacturing Shots
  • Theater Preview Commercials
  • Corporate & Product Training Videos
  • eCards & Email Animations
  • Industrial Videos
  • Instructional Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Slideshow Sales Presentations
  • Youtube & Vimeo Videos